Boulder City Bail Bonds

Your loved one has been arrested and you now have the need to contact Marc and JR and their team at Boulder City Bail Bonds and eBAIL. Marc and his staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here’s how eBAIL will work for you.

What are Boulder City Bail Bonds?

Boulder City Bail Bonds is a network of licensed bail bonds companies in Boulder City, Nevada. These Bail Bonds Boulder City agents will meet at your request. Meetings with bondsmen are always conducted in a private setting.

How do Bail Bonds Boulder City work?

An arrest that happens anywhere in Clark County is usually processed at the Clark County jail. A judge sets a bail amount at a bail hearing, the amount dependent on the severity of the charges. After the bail amount is set, a Boulder City Bail Bondsman conducts a private meeting to ask for the premium. The Bail Bonds Boulder City bondsman then is able to post the amount of the bail to the court.

Local Jails in the Boulder City Area:

Persons arrested inside Boulder City will be placed in the Boulder City Jail, approximately twenty miles from Las Vegas. Others may easily be sent to Las Vegas, to the Clark County Detention Center.

How to get an Inmate Out of the Local Jails

After the arrest and bond court, there are a few ways to secure release from jail. If possible, you may post the full amount of bond in the form of cash. If necessary, such property as cars or homes may be used as a lien to secure the bond. When using a Boulder City Bail Bondsman, it is necessary to provide the bondsman with the first fifteen percent of the amount of the bail before the Boulder City Bail Bondsman can secure a release. You can also hire a Boulder City Lawyer to assist with the detainee’s release.

How expensive is a Bail Bond in Nevada?

The general costs for contracting with a bondsman depend on the locale’s statues and regulations. In some states, it is legal for companies to charge 8%, or even 10%, of the bond amount. However, the charge rate in Nevada is 15%. Bonding agents are never legally allowed to discount a premium.

Are There Payment Options?

Boulder City Bail Bondsmen are licensed to accept several items as payment of the premium amount. Bank checks, credit cards, stocks/bonds, and even jewelry are accepted by Boulder City Bail Bonds. The entire 15% premium payment is due at the time that you contract the bondsman.

Best Boulder City Bail Bondsman

The only Bail Bond Company located in Bail Bonds Boulder City network that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau is eBAIL. They are fully licensed by the Nevada Department of Insurance to post bail bonds in Boulder City and are the only company that can do it online in three minutes or less.

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